Mathematical Purity in Distributed Systems: CRDTs Without Fear

This is a story about distributed systems, commutativity, idempotency, and semilattices. It’s a real nail biter so put the kettle on to boil and settle in. Our story starts one bright morning at your budding mobile gaming startup a few days before the big launch. Lets watch. The Simplest Thing That Works, Right? Its Thursday … Continue reading Mathematical Purity in Distributed Systems: CRDTs Without Fear

Dropping ACID on your NoSQL

A lot has been said about NoSQL and the resulting backlash of NewSQL. NoSQL reared its head in reaction to the severe pain of sharding traditional open source SQL databases and quickly took the software community by storm. However, scalability wasn’t the only selling point. Many made the argument that SQL itself was to blame and that developers … Continue reading Dropping ACID on your NoSQL

Introducing Chronophage

At Localytics we deal with data, lots of data, and that data is never as clean as you want it. When we developed the first version of our upload API, thrown together during sleep deprived coding binges while participating in TechStars, the decision was made to upload datetimes as ISO 8601 formatted date strings. Code was written, uploads were sent, … Continue reading Introducing Chronophage