This Web 2.0 Life

6 thoughts on “This Web 2.0 Life”

  1. Nice summary. Aside from Tumblr this is very close to how I do it to.

    BTW, Google reader doesn’t require that shared items be in a feed. There is a browser bookmark called “Note in Reader” which is available from the google reader share UI that can be used to put any random website in your share feed. This makes google reader really nice for both consuming and republishing content all in one place.

  2. Cool post and a great idea! I’d like to see the details on how you did the setup for and the layout for tumblr because I’d like to steal the setup for my domain.

  3. Ben, this is exactly the kind of streamlined, simple summary of all the tools that I’ve been wanting to see recently as I’ve been trying to understand how and why people use Web 2.0. I sent it off to my old boss since her non-profit is trying to integrate these tools into its fundraising and publicity efforts. Thanks!

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