11 Lesser Known 3rd Party Libraries For Every Project

12 thoughts on “11 Lesser Known 3rd Party Libraries For Every Project”

  1. I’ve been amazed by the functionality of the apache commons libraries – beans, collections, lang – they offer me so much functionality i had found myself writing over and over. once i got started using them i kicked myself for not having done it sooner.

  2. Regarding testing section – there are also another interesting tools:
    – unitils
    – fest-assert

    Really worth checking.

    And to avoid having 13 libraries let’s add Guava from Google – bunch of useful classes in day-to-day coding.


    1. Unitils is a pretty extensive library but I’ve never seemed to need all that power.

      Fest-Assert looks pretty interesting, not sure if I can see myself switching from hamcrest, since I’m used to it and its already a part of Junit but its interesting to see competition.

      I would have added Guava but its in such an early stage, I’ll wait until I’m not just pulling code off of trunk 😉

  3. Fantastic stuff, really fantastic. Though I heard about them previously, your brief explanation about each of them is simply superb and push me hard to try out some these in my projects.

    I appreciate your efforts in putting this up. Great work!

  4. hard to believe commons is lesser known these days…but if it saves others time but not re-inventing the wheel, that’s great.

    A couple of others:
    – xstream
    – for any MS Office integration poi
    – quartz scheduler

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve looked at it a few times but it seems to do so many things that I get lost. I have some sort of mental block against using test runners and its use of dbUtils with everything int its own xml file gets annoying with the explosion of xml. I tend to keep all my data sets as just strings in the code.

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