Printing Greenhopper Cards From Jira

8 thoughts on “Printing Greenhopper Cards From Jira”

    1. Thanks! I’ll give them a look. We’ve actually switched to exporting a CSV and mail merging with a template now but thats also very time consuming and brittle.

  1. I’ve tested the Arilge Scrum Cards plugin and yes – it’s not bad but the layout and level of customization is limited. But if you “just” want an easy printout this is an option!

  2. Check out the “PDF View Plugin”:

    It generates any sort of PDF documents from your JIRA issues and is 100% customizable.
    Paper size, orientation and layout are just some of the million configuration possibilities:

    Moreover, it can also bulk export issues, e.g. 4 issues on one sheet of paper, so you can easily use your JIRA filters to choose the set of issues to be exported.

    Sample export:

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